5 Lesser Known Ways That The Nazis Murdered Jews During The Holocaust

The holocaust. An event that I, Noseberg Shekelscmidt Oyveystein – great grandson of the renowned Rabbi Rubenstein Schlomo – never like to speak about lightly. However, just like all Jews should, I feel it is our duty as the chosen race to put this aside and constantly remind the Goyim of the tragedy that befell God’s chosen people at the hands of the wicked Nazis. Since the holocaust is such a taboo subject among Goyim and discussion of the subject is regulated by law in some countries, I feel it is my responsibility to educate the Goyim on some of the lesser known ways the Nazis brutally murdered 6-14.88 million Jews during World War II.


1. Obstacle courses lined with moving knives

Some Nazi concentration camps contained chambers with “moving knives” protruding from the ground. Sick Nazis would force unlucky Jews to navigate this obstacle course of death. Of course, not a single Jew ever made it out alive.

2. Anal air-pumps

Twisted Nazi guards would forcefully insert an air-pump into a Jewish victim’s anus. Without any mercy, the Nazi would pump air through the victim’s rectum, resulting in his intestines filling with air and exploding. The victim would die a painful death due to internal bleeding.

3. The classic “shotgun through a hole” trick

Monstrous Nazi’s would lead a Jewish victim to a hole in the wall and hand him a shotgun. The Nazi would instruct the unfortunate victim to push the shotgun through the hole in the wall and fire the weapon. To the Jewish victims surprise, the hole was built in a “U” shape, causing the barrel of the gun to bend back around and face him, resulting in the victim shooting himself in face.

4. Ice Sculptures

Some Jews were placed into giant freezers long enough to cause their entire bodies to become complete solidified ice sculptures. Cruel Nazis would then drag the frozen victim and throw them to the floor causing them to smash into six million pieces.

5. The eagle and the bear

Nazis kept a cage containing a single eagle and bear close to all concentration camps. Every day, a Jew would be thrown into the cage to be mauled to death by the bear. The eagle would then pick away at the corpse.

Always remember the six million Goyim. Remember that failure to do so makes you a white supremacist and Nazi. Or even worse – Literally Hitler.