American Negroes, We Jews Accept Full Responsibility for Slavery

Shalom American Negroes,

I, Noseberg Shekelscmidt Oyveystein – great grandson of the renowned Rabbi Rubenstein Schlomo – make an official public apology on behalf of Jewish people everywhere for the torments of slavery experienced by Negroes at the hands of our Jewish ancestors. We, as Jews, must accept the full burden of what our ancestors did and forever live with Jewish guilt. We must accept responsibility for the hideous atrocities carried out during the years of slavery at the hands of our ancestors.

I am not at all sceptical that many fellow Jews out there are uneducated about our major role in the Slave Trade, therefore I have compiled a selection of educational material in the hopes that you will experience Jewish Guilt to it’s fullest, and in doing so accept and apologise to American Negroes everywhere for what our ancestors have done. Oy vey!

1. How many of us fellow Jews owned slaves?

2. How much control did we fellow Jews have over slavery?

3. Every fellow Jew owes reparations to this brave American Negro

4. Us Jews certainly owned many of the slave plantations in the South

5. #JewishGuilt

Again, I apologise to American Negroes on behalf of all Jews everywhere for the actions of our ancestors.