9/11 “Memes” Every Jew Must Have Downloaded

As a Jew who has fully accepted and acknowledged that the Jews certainly did 9/11, I now take the stance that the best way moving forward from this is to laugh about it. That’s right. I, Noseberg Shekelschmidt Oyveystein, Jewish Rabbi and scholar, believe that the best way to move on from an event of such grand tragedy is to laugh about it and move on. So here are five “memes” that I, Jewish Rabbi Noseberg Shekelschmidt Oyveystein, have downloaded – and I believe you should too. Oy vey!

1. The “Jew Call”

2. But m-muh Plane hi-jacking!

3. The Usual Suspects

4. Israeli Jihadis

Remember Goyim. As I, Noseberg Shekelchmidt Oyveystein, am Jewish, failure to download or even questioning these “memes” in anyway is anti-semitic and instantly makes you literally – no, worse than – Hitler.