Jewish Twitter users: “I am the Goy”

Shalom! I, Noseberg Shekelschmidt Oyveystein, grandson of the great Rabbi Rubenstein Schlomo, have decided to compile a “mega thread” of images showing Twitter users (many verified) who pretended to “be the Goy”. In other words, in one post they each referenced themselves as white (usually followed by an attack on “muh fellow white people”) , however in a separate post they reference themselves as Jewish (usually accompanied by their own denial of being white).

This thread is compiled for humour purposes only of course, as there is certainly absolutely nothing wrong with us fellow Jews pretending to be of a different racial origin online in order to manipulate Goyim. I, Noseberg Shekelschmidt Oyveystein, was pretending to be Native American last week on Facebook. On Twitter I am Palestinian. Perhaps next week I may be Mongolian. Oy vey!

As you can no doubt gather from the above images, it is perfectly acceptable for us Jews to LARP as non-jews in order to manipulate our audience and push political agendas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with us Jews pretending to be a different race entirely and then openly calling for that race to be exterminated. We can freely claim to be white and literally use the words “White Genocide” in our twitter posts and wish for all whites to be killed, and then later admit we are in fact Jewish. Why are we allowed to get away with this you ask, Goy? Oy vey – don’t question us! That’s anti-semitic!