Twitter CEO tweets Hitler dindu nuffin’ – then claims was “hacked”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s official twitter account recently unleashed a tirade of “triggering” tweets, ranging from a mix of racial slurs to claims Adolf Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong. Over a dozen “offensive” tweets were sent out over a twenty minute time period before the “hacked” account was recovered.

Unsurprisingly, Dorsey claims he was “hacked” – the typical excuse for any celebrity who claims Hitler dindu nuffin’ in some online post or another. While it is likely that others in similar situations could have had their twitter accounts genuinely compromised, one does wonder how the actual boss of twitter itself managed to have his own personal account hacked and is somehow unable to retrieve it for over twenty whole minutes.

NBC News:

The official Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of the social media platform, was hacked on Friday.

One of the first tweets sent from his “compromised” account was the N-word. Another, sent minutes later, praised Hitler.

More than a dozen racist or otherwise offensive original tweets were sent within 20 minutes from the account.

Is it likely that Twitter’s boss really had his own account hacked? Are Twitter’s security measures so fucking shit that even the goddamn CEO himself can be readily hacked? Is Jack Dorsey so incompetently autistic that it takes him over twenty minutes to recover his “hacked” Twitter account, despite being the fucking CEO of Twitter? It does all seem a bit fishy to me.

We will never know for sure if Dorsey’s account was really hacked. Considering the circumstances however, I, Noseberg Shekelschmidt Oyeystein the first, grandson of the respected Rabbi Rubenstein Schlomo, have no choice but to conclude that this whole hacking story is absolutely fake and gay.

There are three possible explanations for the fiasco. Dorsey could have been hacked, which is unlikely for previously explained reasons. Dorsey posted the tweets himself because he absolutely loves Hitler, but given Dorsey’s current rumoured gender identity status as a transitioning transgender woman it is unlikely he admires Hitler (Hitler believed there was only two genders). The third, and most likely reason, is that Dorsey posted the “offensive” and “racist” tweets himself to give the mainstream media more ammunition to further the narrative that a sophisticated network of Nazis and white supremacists operate online looking to “radicalise” Americans, in this case by “hacking” the Twitter CEO himself and shit-posting. If this sounds sceptical, just type “Jack Dorsey Hitler” into your search engine of choice and you’ll be flooded with “news articles” from the usual mainstream media “journalists” who were all over this story like ICE agents on a gardener named José.

Rumoured transitioning transwoman Jack Dorsey – does he really believe Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong?

Conveniently, the whole fiasco is just another excuse for mainstream media “journalists” to complain about online “hate speech” regulations and advocate for more social media censorship and control. How convenient that this excuse came from Jack Dorsey, an advocate for, and well known user of, such censorship himself.