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Jesus Strikes Back BIGGEST Update

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing our biggest update ever, Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day BETA. We’ve been working on Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day since December 2018, with the first playable release releasing back in February 2019. The upcoming BETA – while still not finished – is a complete overhaul of the original and has been rebuilt completely from the ground up with feedback given by our players taken […]

hate speech

Apparently, streaming game play videos can now count as “hate speech”. To be fair, we are hardly surprised. This is 2019 – practically anything can be classed as hate speech nowadays. A staff member of 2Genderz Productions who decided to share some good ol’ game play videos of our “fun for the whole family” video game, Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day, on her YouTube channel, has had it removed and her account permanently suspended. They […]

New Zealand Government brand us “terrorist” organisation

UPDATE: Playing, sharing or hosting our games in New Zealand will now get you arrested for some “terrorism” related offence. New Zealand’s “Chief Censor” David Shanks (pictured above in work attire) announced: “These are illegal, terrorist-promotional products designed to spread hate and encourage killing. Don’t support, purchase or distribute this stuff. If you come across it, report it to the Internal Affairs Digital Safety team. If you hold copies of them – delete these now.” […]

S-H-A-L-O-M, frens!

Shalom! This is a just a quick post to announce that as of now (07/30/2019), will now be the official home of 2Genderz Productions. This means will now also redirect here. If you wish to obtain a copy of Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day, you can do so here on the new website. We are also glad to announce that we have been working on multiple new projects. We will releasing them in […]