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New Zealand Government brand us “terrorist” organisation

UPDATE: Playing, sharing or hosting our games in New Zealand will now get you arrested for some “terrorism” related offence. New Zealand’s “Chief Censor” David Shanks (pictured above in work attire) announced: “These are illegal, terrorist-promotional products designed to spread hate and encourage killing. Don’t support, purchase or distribute this stuff. If you come across it, report it to the Internal Affairs Digital Safety team. If you hold copies of them – delete these now.” […]

Blackpill Bill: God’s Work – Out now

We are pleased to announce the release of our third game, Blackpill Bill: God’s Work. You can read the synopsis below. We’ll also be releasing our biggest update for Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day this month. We will make a post and send out an email when the JSB: JD update is live. ” Bill, an everyday American, used to live a simple life. A man of traditional and righteous morals, he would work hard […]

All 2Genderz Productions games are now also available on Linux

We are pleased to announce that both Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day and Shitpost Showdown have now been ported to run on Linux operating systems (Ubuntu 16.04+ -64-bit). We have decided to make a Linux port available as it was heavily requested. All futures updates released for both Jesus Strikes Back and Shitpost Showdown will release with the latest Linux port option available, as well as Windows and macOS ports. We will also feature Linux […]

Jesus Strikes Back – Upcoming Updates

We are pleased to announce that we have been working on Jesus Strikes Back Judgment Day and will be releasing a new version in October 2019. Some features will be: Even more varieties for each enemy type More authentic feminist sound effects recorded directly in the wild, straight from their natural habitats More Rainbow militant sound effects and catchphrases New weapons including: chainsaws, ropes, tasers, pepper spray, crossbows, and a variety of guns New Missions […]

The Shitposter – Out now

Shalom! We are pleased to announce that 2Genderz Productions second video game, The Shitposter , is now available to download via our official website, The Shitposter is a first person shooter which sees the player take control of internet prankster Brenton Torrent. Brenton’s JooTube channel was unfairly removed by Joogle after multiple complaints about his hilarious practical jokes. The loss of Brenton’s JooTube channel slumps him into a harsh depression. Lonely and isolated, Brenton […]