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Twitter CEO tweets Hitler dindu nuffin’ – then claims was “hacked”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s official twitter account recently unleashed a tirade of “triggering” tweets, ranging from a mix of racial slurs to claims Adolf Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong. Over a dozen “offensive” tweets were sent out over a twenty minute time period before the “hacked” account was recovered. Unsurprisingly, Dorsey claims he was “hacked” – the typical excuse for any celebrity who claims Hitler dindu nuffin’ in some online post or another. While it […]

Jewish Twitter users: “I am the Goy”

Shalom! I, Noseberg Shekelschmidt Oyveystein, grandson of the great Rabbi Rubenstein Schlomo, have decided to compile a “mega thread” of images showing Twitter users (many verified) who pretended to “be the Goy”. In other words, in one post they each referenced themselves as white (usually followed by an attack on “muh fellow white people”) , however in a separate post they reference themselves as Jewish (usually accompanied by their own denial of being white). This […]

9/11 “Memes” Every Jew Must Have Downloaded

As a Jew who has fully accepted and acknowledged that the Jews certainly did 9/11, I now take the stance that the best way moving forward from this is to laugh about it. That’s right. I, Noseberg Shekelschmidt Oyveystein, Jewish Rabbi and scholar, believe that the best way to move on from an event of such grand tragedy is to laugh about it and move on. So here are five “memes” that I, Jewish Rabbi […]

5 Lesser Known Ways That The Nazis Murdered Jews During The Holocaust

The holocaust. An event that I, Noseberg Shekelscmidt Oyveystein – great grandson of the renowned Rabbi Rubenstein Schlomo – never like to speak about lightly. However, just like all Jews should, I feel it is our duty as the chosen race to put this aside and constantly remind the Goyim of the tragedy that befell God’s chosen people at the hands of the wicked Nazis. Since the holocaust is such a taboo subject among Goyim […]